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What’s The Greatest Threat To Global Security?

What’s The Greatest Threat To Global Security?

by Chris DavisApril 2, 2015
End of the world as we know it.

Ask some of the “experts” to identify the greatest threat that the world faces, and chances are few of them will agree.

Many will use the question as an opportunity to be facetious or to promote an agenda, while others simply differ in opinion on the likelihood of a scenario, as well as its potential impact.

It’s also worth noting that someone’s perception of a threat is likely to be influenced by personal experiences and situations (e.g. the region in which they live).

And, of course, the definition of a threat is subjective. But for this particular poll, we’ll make the question a bit more specific: which threat is most likely to have a radically adverse affect on the everyday life of humankind within the next 50 years?

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